Figurative work

“Deportment of Anne” Oil on canvas 20 x 16″ 2020 $750
“End of Summer: King & I,” 18 x 36″ graphite and acrylic on canvas $950. Contact me to order customized family portraits/ pet portraits.
“Abandon”Acrylic on cradled panel,24 x18” Selected for Bemis Benefit Auction, 2016 Framed $750
“Demure,” Chalk pastel on Canson paper 24 x 18″ Selected for 2017 Nebraska Biennial. Framed: $650
Diagonal Portrait
Chalk pastel 2016 $150
Red Bench
Chalk pastel 2016 $150
Compressed color charcoal 2015 $150
Conte crayon 2015 $150
Gray Veil
Compressed color charcoal 2016 $150
Compressed color charcoal 2015 $150

Painting the figure, has always been my ‘force et ma gloire,” and continues to compel me.  With a portion of the studio set up photography-like for the models, including backdrops, furniture, props and lighting, I paint figures from life.  

I work best when I zoom in on a portion of the figure, and allow my large, gestural, brushstrokes of exaggerated color to fill the canvas. These unabashedly wild, intuitive, painterly slathers which begin as descriptions of the subject ultimately become the subject themselves.

My research for the figural paintings will consist of seeking formats to set off this brushwork frenzy. I have several ideas in mind, and am anxious to explore them. Washy under paintings can be stenciled, outlined, or overpainted opaquely.  Canvases can be custom stretched for compositional concerns. Diptychs, triptychs and more could offer visual and literal breaks in the composition.

Non-objective, mixed-media painting has been engaging me for the past five years.  Particularly cold wax and oil painting. I intend to find a way to ‘marry’ these two genres.  The marriage will likely consist of mixed-media figural abstractions. Encaustic is another obvious cross-over.   Dynamic shapes of thick encaustic patches can be collaged onto panels of tightly stretched blank canvas. These could all lead me into pure abstraction and are processes which I am anxious to explore. Armed with trained observational skills, particularly when it comes to the figure, along with formative Abstract Expressionist training by my U of C professor, Vera Klement, who painted alongside deKooning in New York, I am ready for action.